Safety Portal™ – Web-based Safety Management Software

Safety Portal allows for online management of safety documentation and processes. There are currently 4 modules.

  1. Basic Portal with Training Module Collection and reporting of training certificates including the notification of expired tickets.
  2. IRM(Incident Report Manager) Module – Step by step approach to reporting incidents including documenting incident events, causal factors, lessons learned and action items from the event. System can be set up for notification to key personnel upon completion of the incident report.
  3. EVI (Electronic Vehicle Inspection) – To track and document inspections and maintenance records. This system allows for tracking of mileage to be utilized for reporting within prequalification questionnaires.
  4. WOW, Hazard ID and Near Miss Reporting System – To track and trend Worker Observing Worker (WOW), hazard ID, and near miss reporting.

SafetyPortal Benefits

Achieving Effectiveness and Efficiency
Overview of Benefits
  • Increased accessibility of data
  • Increased reporting capabilities
  • Increased standardization
  • Reduced time spent filling out paperwork
  • Reduced possibility of improperly filled out reports

Incident Report Manager (IRM)

Universal System: By utilizing a central point for all incident data, you are able to move past using multiple different programs to accomplish what can be done by a single software.

Accessible by Web: SafetyPortal is web-based, which means that you can access it from anywhere that you have internet at any time. This includes: smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.

Hybrid Investigation Data Inputting (Standardized/Open): SafetyPortal’s IRM uses two approaches to data input for Incident Investigations. The first is a standardized set of questions and answers. This approach allows traceable data to form in the background as you complete investigations. The data produced from these standardized questions can be generated in a report at any time. The second approach allows for open typing, you are able to include very detailed write ups in order to draw conclusions and reach determinations on Root Cause.

Attach all types of files: You have the ability to attach multiple different files and file types such as Witness Statements, Photographs of the Incident, WCB Forms, Maps, etc.

Send Early Incident Notifications: The Early Incident Notification is a tool that captures the key details of an incident in order to automatically send out a summary to a pre-determined list of recipients.

Modifiable Notifications: Notifications can be set up for individual users depending on their specific requirement.

Interactive Corrective Action Log: One of the strongest features of IRM is the corrective actions log where multiple corrective actions can be created and assigned for each incident. These actions are tracked and are labelled as incomplete until the Action Item has been addressed.

Ability to Generate Reports at the click of a button: IRM has a variety of standard reports that can be created by simply selecting the date range and the type of report. These reports include:

  • Injuries/Cause
  • Injuries/Body Part
  • Injuries/Nature
  • Injuries/Classification
  • Lost Time Injuries/Total Injuries
  • Total Reportable Injury Frequency (Rolling year)
  • Remedial Action Report
  • Unified Report

Added Value

Training Ticket Database: The IRM Module includes as an added value a Training Ticket Database. This database has the capability of storing training certificate information such as type of course, issue date and expiry date. It is also capable of sending out notifications to assigned personnel at pre-set intervals prior to the ticket’s expiry.

HSE Orientation Video Development

The company specific Orientation Video includes a co-developed script between WSC and our Client. This will include Original Slide Graphics, Professional Voice Over, along with Onsite HD Video Footage.

Our Production team will meet with representatives of our Client prior to beginning the project in order to develop the content and layout. The Client representatives will have an opportunity to review the content in draft format before it is included in the video. The orientation video allows for standardization and consistency during the on-boarding process and sets a tone of professionalism and structure.

Onsite HD Video Footage: The details of each specific scene will be laid out in the storyboard. This storyboard will be created by WSC’s Video Production Manager in conjunction with the Film Crew. The Film Crew will conduct filming at the predetermined schedules and locations in accordance with the story board.