WSC has a variety of multi-industry experienced personnel with CRSPs (Canadian Registered Safety Professionals), OHS Diplomas/Certificates as well as NCSO certifications.
We are uniquely positioned with experience, resources and capacity to be able to add value to your company by helping you leverage your Health, Safety and Environment – Management System (HSE-MS) to increase your enterprise value and business opportunities.


On-Site Safety Personnel

Our On-site Safety Personnel represent the client directly in the position of their HSE Advisor or Manager. Our team of Advisors and Consultants have experience in various types of industries and environments. Through proper analysis, a representative with the appropriate experience is assigned to each project.


HSE-MS Program Development

The Development of an HSE-MS (Health, Safety and Environment – Management System) involves an analysis of a company’s safety requirements and the creation of a Tailor-made system that is designed to achieve efficiency and effectiveness within the company’s safety culture.


Gap Analysis and Review of existing Health, Safety and Environment – Management System (HSE-MS)

This is a thorough analysis of a company’s HSE-MS. It includes all components of a safety program: Manual, Documentation, Filing, Compliance, Safety Culture, Statistics (such as TRIF), etc. This Gap Analysis Report will be prepared in an agreed upon format based on the Clients individual needs.


COR Audits (Internal & External)

WSC has several Internal and External Auditors available for a variety of Certifying Partners.


COR Audit Preparation and Support during Audit Process

We prepare companies for their audits by referencing the audit protocol and providing recommendations prior to their audit to enable them to be set up for success. We are also available for support during the audit to help navigate the auditor through the client’s information and documentation.


General Health and Safety Management Consulting

We can provide consulting services on almost any HSE item, issue, concern or question. We are available for support in many capacities. We also have many resources available to us such as Legal, Transportation, and Environmental experts.


Training and Mentorship of Company HSE Representatives

Senior Advisors and Consultants are available to act in a mentorship or coaching role with HSE Representatives. This is most advantageous for new safety personnel that require some form of direction. We can assist in many different capacities including on-site hands on assistance.


Site Specific Safety Management Plan (SSSMP) Development

Many companies require detailed safety plans for a specific project they are working on, these are typically referred to as Site Specific Safety Management Plans. To complete an SSSMP you would visit the project site and perform a risk assessment with any available staff that will be working on the project. You would then gather specific information regarding the safety management of the project. The final product is a completely custom plan that details specific locations, personnel, responsibilities, processes, procedures any other relevant project details.


Project Risk Assessments

We conduct Project Risk Assessments where we travel to a site to document hazards and perform risk assessments using either the WSC format or a format requested by the client.


Job Hazard Assessments

Job or Task Hazard Assessments involve a group process for development in which a specific job or task is analyzed for its hazards and those hazards are then risk ranked and controls are introduced.