At Western Safety Consulting Inc. we have a dedicated printing operation that can design and print virtually any form, booklet or manual that you may require. Combined with extensive experience in Health and Safety, we are able to provide an efficient, high quality service for the production of HSE documentation, at competitive rates.


HSE Manuals

We complete customized Health, Safety and Environment Manuals for all type of industries. We can also update your
existing manual to the new industry standards and legislation.

Forms – No Carbon Required (NCR)

We can print any form in 2 or 3 part NCR in various sizes and quantities of sets per booklet.

Customizable HSE Documents

Our Development and Production Team can create any customized document that you may require. We also have an
extensive bank of existing forms that have been refined by our team of consultants and are available to be tailored to
your operations.

Safe Work Practices

A Safe Work Practice (SWP) provides a guideline for how to safely perform a work task. SWPs are developed based on a
Job Hazard Analysis that is the output of the Job Task Inventory Process.

Employee Handbooks

Each handbook includes Employee Responsibilities and information from the manual that pertains directly to the
employee. They also include key Safe Work Practices. It is a small 4.25” x 6.75” booklet that the employee can keep on
their person or with their belongings on site in order to reference throughout the day.

Emergency Response Plans (Both Site Specific and Corporate Available)

We can develop and print Site Specific or Corporate ERP’s. This covers specific responsibilities for each individual in the event of an emergency.

Emergency Evacuation Layouts

The Emergency Evacuation Layout is a professional rendering of the building or site that details all evacuation routes and includes location of emergency equipment, muster points, basic ERP procedures and Emergency Contacts.

Any Basic Documents

We have the capacity to develop and print more than simply safety documents. We are able to print various types/sizes of documents for any purpose.